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If you are a new patient to our office, below contains our new patient portal with the forms that will need to be filled out before you arrive at our office. Filling them out will allow us to attend to your medical needs more quickly than completing them on your arrival. Thank you and please call our office if you have any questions at all.



Good dental hygiene is critical to oral health as well as your overall wellbeing. People are often surprised at how quickly tartar or a cavity can develop if left unchecked for enough time. You're supposed to see your dentist every six months to prevent any major problems from developing. For instance, if you are not flossing very well it is common for cavities to develop between the teeth. You wouldn't even know it's there until the infection has worsened and it's become painful, requiring more invasive treatment. Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once daily can ensure a healthy oral routine that's sure to keep your smile bright.

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